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IAC Amplify for Education (for education program directors)
IAC Amplify for Professionals (for biblical worldview ministry professionals)
IAC Amplify Web App (for the public)

IAC Increase for Professional (for guide professionals)
IAC Increase Tour Operations (for the public)

IAC Protect Fellowship (for national Christian homeschool leaders)
IAC Protect Action (for the public)

HelpAHomeschooler.org (for the public)
HomeschoolConferences.org (for the public)
HomeschoolDefenders.org (for the public)
HomeschoolDegree.org (for the public)
HomeschoolDiploma.org (for the public)
HomeschoolFAST.org [Fine Arts, Academic Experience & Recognition, Sports, and Technology] (for the public)
HomeschoolGapYear.org (for the public)
HomeschoolInteriorDesign.org (for the public)
HomeschoolPenPals.org (for the public)
HomeschoolPersecution.org (for the public)
HomeschoolPetition.org (for the public)
HomeschoolPrayer.org (for the public)
HomeschoolSearch.org (for the public)
HomeschoolTestPrep.org (for the public)
HomeschoolTextbooks.org (for the public)
HomeschoolingOrphans.org (for the public)
HomeschoolWorkStudy.org (for the public)
International Homeschool Day (for the public)

Association for Christian School Prayer (for national Christian school association leaders)
Christian School Day (for the public)

Creating for All Podcast (for the public)
IAC Assessment Series (for the public)
Ink by Global Alliance (for the public)

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