About IAC

Our vision is to see believers from every nation, tribe, and tongue enjoy quality Christ-centered education in our lifetime.

Our Mission: 

To be a non-profit organization working with Christians worldwide to credibly promote, protect, and preserve the God-given, inalienable right of every individual human being to access quality Christ-centered education while affirming the faith of Christians and declaring the salvation message to the lost. As we endeavor to unify Christians, we seek to provide them with strategic guidance for tactically creating access and opportunity for Christ-centered education in their communities.

Statement of Faith

U.S.-based Education Services

We provide access to a variety of museums, tours, and events through our network.

IAC provides essential services to education program directors who desire to enhance their students’ biblical worldview experience.

Experience a diverse and immersive Christ-centered education with our network of biblical worldview museums, tours, and events. At each location, we ensure you have access to hands-on learning experience from experts that bring the Bible to life.

Explore the rich history, profound teachings, and transformative impact of Christianity through interactive exhibits, guided tours, and engaging events designed to deepen your faith and understanding. Join us and embark on a journey that enriches your knowledge and spiritual growth, all within a supportive and inspiring community.

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Global Charitable Work

We work to protect parental rights and the autonomy of Christian education overseas.

We are dedicated to protecting parental rights and preserving the integrity of Christian education overseas by collaborating with national Christian homeschool leaders in their local and national contexts. Through the training and equipping of our partners on the ground, we help to ensure that fathers and mothers retain the freedom to educate their sons and daughters according to their Christian faith and values.

By working with local Christian leaders in the field, we support the development of robust homeschooling networks and resources, tailored to the unique cultural and regulatory landscapes of each country. We aim to empower fathers and mothers while strengthening the global Christian homeschooling community by fostering environments where Christ-centered education can thrive.

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Local, Trusted Experts

We support ministry professionals so that you can find local adventure that encourages your faith.

We are dedicated to supporting ministry professionals, ensuring that guests like you can discover local adventures that build up and strengthen your faith. Our tailored resources and programs offer unique opportunities to grow in understanding the biblical worldview within your community.

From guided tours of world-class museums and outdoor excursions of world-famous national parks to community-building events, we help you connect with the beauty of God's world through the lens of God's Word. Join us in exploring new adventures to deepen your faith, make great memories, and be inspired by the awe of God's design.

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