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10 May 2023, SOUTH AFRICA–
“Home-schooling proposal made at public hearings on the BELA Bill”

8 May 2023, SOUTH AFRICA–
“Anger over proposed new laws for home school in South Africa”

1 December 2022, SOUTH AFRICA–
“Authorities Wanted Home Education Scrapped: Drama At The BELA Bill Hearing”

27 November 2022, SOUTH AFRICA–
Home school warning for South Africa: report

16 August 2022, SOUTH AFRICA–
“Basic Education Laws Amendment Bill likely to make home schooling more difficult”

1 July 2022, SOUTH AFRICA–
“Department builds relationships with home education providers”

4 April 2022, SOUTH AFRICA–
“Compulsory school changes coming for South Africa”

12 March 2022, SOUTH AFRICA–
“Home education faces bricks in the wall”

Asia (incl. Middle East)

12 April 2023, INDIA–
“Homeschooling & multiple entry-exit points for school students among reforms in UGC’s new credit framework”

29 November 2022, INDIA–
“History of Homeschooling in India, the rise and the current scenario”

26 January 2022, ISRAEL–
“Israel Sees Fivefold Increase in Homeschooling Requests Over Last Decade”

Australia (incl. Oceania)

14 April 2023, NEW ZEALAND–
“The rapid rise, then drop in homeschooling”

3 October 2022, NEW ZELAND–
“The number of kids being homeschooled has increased since Covid-19”

22 March 2022, AUSTRALIA–
“Homeschooling on the rise in Western Australia as mask mandates prompt family changes”

14 December 2021, NEW ZEALAND–
“Ministry of Education records spike in home-schooling applications”


7 May 2023, GERMANY–
“German Christian School Takes Case Against Nation’s Homeschool Ban To High Court”

31 March 2023, ENGLAND–
“Home education soars in the wake of the pandemic”

22 March 2022, IRELAND–
“Minister: Parents must follow requirements for homeschooling”

19 November 2022, PORTUGAL–
“Kiko, cinco anos, não anda na escola, mas está “preparado para os tubarões” – as crianças que aprendem em casa”

15 September 2022, ITALY–
“Studente primaria in educazione parentale bocciato, il Consiglio di Stato conferma decisione dei docenti”

8 September 2022, ENGLAND–
“Schools bill delayed as new PM Truss reviews reforms”

24 August 2022, ITALY–
“Alunno in educazione parentale, sì a bocciatura anche alla Primaria se competenze raggiunte parziali. Metodi diversi valutazione per chi studia a casa”

30 June 2022, ENGLAND–
“Angry Stratford parents backlash over proposed Schools Bill”

25 June 2022, ENGLAND–
“Redcar mum fears Schools Bill could discriminate against home-educated children”

21 May 2022, FRANCE–
“Le nouveau ministre de l’Education nationale écoutera-t-il la minorité de l’école à la maison ?”

18 May 2022, ENGLAND–
“The Schools Bill has Landed!”

23 March 2022, FRANCE–
“How does private education and home-schooling work in France?”

8 March 2022, ENGLAND–
“‘Striking’ lack of data on England’s missing children – report”—report/

16 November 2019, ITALY–
“Home Schooling Gains Ground in Italy”

North America (incl. the Caribbean and Central America)

25 February 2023, JAMAICA–
“Spotlight on homeschooling in JTC bill debate”

29 July 2022, JAMAICA–
Homeschool policy on agenda as parents challenge bill

“Homeschooling surge continues despite schools reopening”

18 February 2020, BARBADOS–
“Frustrated mother seeks answers from education authorities”

4 November 2019, CUBA–
“Cuban evangelicals defend freedom of expression in a public letter”

South America

8 March 2023, BRASIL–
“Comissão de Educação do Senado será liderada por Flávio Arns”

2 April 2023, BRASIL–
“Grupo quer retirar ‘homeschooling’ da regulação de escolas comunitárias”

15 September 2022, BRASIL–
“Prefeitura não informa se irá regulamentar ou contestar na Justiça a lei do homeschooling”

24 August 2022, BRASIL–
Câmara derruba veto de Saud e irá promulgar texto que autoriza homeschooling em Taubaté

12 August 2022, BRASIL–
“Senado aprofunda debate sobre educação domicilar”

11 July 2022, BRASIL–
“Prefeito de Taubaté veta projeto que visa autorizar homeschooling no município”

27 June 2022, BRASIL–
“Em audiência na CE, debatedores divergem sobre viabilidade da educação domiciliar”

9 June 2022, BRASIL–
“Homeschooling vai ser debatido em profundidade na CE”

7 June 2022, BRASIL–
Ex-ministro da Educação de Temer sai em defesa da aprovação do homeschooling no Senado

28 May 2022, BRASIL–
“Homeschooling: Entenda argumentos contra e a favor do ensino domiciliar no Brasil”

25 May 2022, BRASIL–
“Vereadores aprovam texto que autoriza homeschooling em Taubaté”

20 May 2022, BRASIL–

20 May 2022, BRASIL–
“Projeto que permite educação escolar em casa é repudiado por Adufg-Sindicato”

19 May 2022, BRASIL–
“Câmara aprova projeto que permite a educação dos filhos em casa; proposta vai ao Senado”

18 May 2022, BRASIL–
“Câmara aprova texto-base do projeto de ensino domiciliar, bandeira de Bolsonaro”

18 May 2022, BRASIL–
“Veja como cada deputado votou em projeto que regulamenta ensino em casa”

18 May 2022, BRASIL–
“Homeschooling: o que muda com projeto aprovado na Câmara, mas que ainda vai ao Senado”

8 May 2022, BRASIL–
“Leis de homeschooling avançam nos Estados, mas esbarram na Justiça”

22 April 2022, BRASIL–
Projeto autoriza estados a definir regras para educação domiciliar

21 April 2022, BRASIL–
Câmara debate instrução de responsáveis por crianças em homeschooling

20 April 2022, BRASIL–
Câmara dos Deputados deve votar homeschooling no início de maio

21 March 2022, BRASIL–
“Alep recorrerá ao STF para regulamentar lei do homeschooling no Paraná”

21 March 2022, BRASIL–
“TJ-PR derruba lei que prevê o homeschooling no Paraná”

17 March 2022, BRASIL–
“Câmara Municipal promulga lei que libera educação domiciliar em Porto Alegre”

6 March 2022, BRASIL–
“Pauta de Bolsonaro, educação em casa deve ser barrada por bancada de MS”

14 February 2022, BRASIL–
“Normatização do homeschooling é pauta preferencial do Congresso Nacional”