We have paired the right tools with the right ministry method so that we can reach the world

The Tools We Use

We traverse the globe to find local leaders who are providing quality Christ-centered education. Then we support their most successful programs. Our goal is not to just get Christ-centered education to the nations once, but to ensure each nation we work in is impacted for generations to come.


We work to ensure that our plans are tested, proven, and impactful. Having the goal to bring Christ-centered education to the nations requires extensive planning and strategic execution to ensure long-term sustainability. From figuring out the cost of each project to establishing best practices, we have to ensure that we are following timelines and working with experienced community leaders and organizations throughout the countries we operate.

There is more to a project than drawing up a plan and sending it off to a missionary partner. We take into account the costs of working in each region, ensure our practices are suitable for local communities and national infrastructure, coordinate schedules across different time zones, and work closely with local teams and national leaders in many different languages. 


Once our experienced community leaders and the organiaztions we partner with are trained and equipped to serve, we begin coordinating with those who depend on our work to provide sustainable, local solutions for students, parents, and teachers.


Once we finalize plans for a particular nation, we work with our team and local leaders to identify how to most effectively reach their community. By raising up community leaders on-the-ground, this enables the long-term success and sustainability of the projects we invest in. Once the initial training is complete, the work is ready to be done, but the training is not over. We continually monitor progress, provide additional support, and evaluate the long-term health of each and every community we serve around the world.


After community leaders are trained by our experts they are prepared to begin their work as civic advocates. Providing sustainable solutions that amplify learning, increase access, and protect rights.


As we continue to see growth in our sustainable local solutions across the regions we serve, we work with our partners to advance the cause in neighboring nations.


Growing any movement requires long-term planning and that is why we rely on the expertise and wisdom of our local teams to share what God has imparted to them and their colleagues around the world.

Charting Our Impact

We use proven methods to chart our global impact from the inputs that make our work possible to the activities we carry out every day which lead to the outputs we see and the outcomes we experience that impact the nations for eternity. Here’s a glimpse at how it all works.

-Local Leaders
-Public Policy Experts
-Lawyers & Litigators
-Homeschool Families
-Christian School Leaders
-Ministry Professionals
-Guide Professionals
-Vendors + Suppliers


-120+ nations engaged
-37+ nations trained
-14+ nations mentored

-Leaders equipped to amplify learning through providing greater access to Christ-centered education as evidenced by more parents educating at home and growing local teams.
-Christ-centered education being recognized in more countries as evidenced by a growing number of countries protecting parental rights.
-Communities being served with increasing access to interactive learning as evidenced by more opportunities to partake in quality, Christ-centered education.

-Stronger Christ-centered education communities
-Equipped for multi-generational Christ-centered education

Our Objectives

Our approach to Christ-centered education includes three main objectives which we accomplish through our family of ministries:


Equipping ministry leaders by strategically planning for the development, continuity, and success of sustainable solutions while coordinating alongisde our strategic partners to increase local community impact on a global scale.


Educating local leaders through our proven training programs to be experts in advocating for the communities they represent.


Engaging our global network of strategic partners to ensure local leaders who we serve have access to the resources they need to continue advancing the mission and mentoring future leaders in their community.