Tools for Success

We traverse the globe to find local leaders who are providing quality Christian Education. Then we support their most successful programs. Our goal is not to just get Christian Education to the nations once, but to ensure each nation we work in is impacted for generations to come.

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We work to ensure that our plans are tested, proven, and impactful. Having the goal to bring Christian Education to the nations requires extensive planning and execution. From figuring out the cost of each project to establishing best practices, we have to ensure that we are following timelines and working with local teams throughout the nations we operate.

There is more to a project than drawing up a plan and sending it off to a missionary partner. We take into account the costs of working in each region, ensure our practices are suitable for local communities, coordinate schedules across different time zones, and work closely with local groups in many different languages.

Once we finalize plans for a particular region or nation, we work with our local team to identify a Native Language Partner who we can train to most effectively reach their native lands. By raising up local missionaries on-the-ground, this enables the long-term success and sustainability of the projects we invest in. Once the initial training is complete, the work is ready to be done, but the training is not over. We continually monitor progress, provide additional support, and evaluate the long-term health of each and every community we serve across the world.

Once our local team of native missionaries is trained and ready to serve, we begin coordinating with both national and local organizations who depend on our work to educate their students.

As education opportunities that we provide flourish in under-served communities around the world, the Lord always provides ways for us to advance the work, whether that is expanding into new communities or new nations. We gladly accept every open door God gives to us as we continue to bring quality Christian Education to the nations.

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