Since 2016, we have brought together Christian leaders to form a global grassroots network of like-minded professionals.

Our alliance is amplfying learning, increasing access, and protecting rights for millions around the world.

How We Serve

We partner with experienced national leaders and local organizations who provide sustainable, native support solutions for students, parents, and teachers around the world that amplify learning, increase access, and protect rights.

Tracking the Change

Since the beginning, we have publicly shared testimonies from local communities of every transformational experience. You can find our most recent funded transformations on the map above.

See Our Global Impact


In 2020, in partnership with the national Christian homeschool leadership and the Ministry of Sports & Culture, we coordinated the initiative and drafted public policy that legalizes homeschooling in Bolivia.


Facilitating high-level government discussions regarding the formation of education freedom zones in Mongolia.

South Sudan

Establishing a national education framework for the Ministry of Education in South Sudan.


Brokering refugee resettlement talks between national homeschool leaders in France and their European Union counterparts who are engaged in the current conflict over parental rights.

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