24 February 2024

International Homeschool Day is an annual celebration of faith and family. Together with our state, provincial, and national homeschool leader friends, we invite homeschool parents and youth to join us on this special day as we celebrate faith and family together.

We hope everyone enjoyed watching the speaker videos from International Homeschool Day 2024!

​This event has been made available through on-demand streaming, accessible on the day of the event across all time zones to fit any schedule. You may watch the videos at any time during the event and in any order. We make it easy so that each family and group can set their own schedule to celebrate faith and family. To begin watching, please find the video links below.

Register today to secure your spot, and get your registration for free (a $20 value!) in 2024.
Group licenses are included for free (a $350 value!) in 2024.
We thank our sponsors for their generosity.

Event Sponsors

Global Alliance of National Christian Homeschool Leaders

Faith-building Track (in English)

Sherri Seligson
Apologia Science, Author
How to Teach and Reach Your Middle Schooler
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Rich & Barb Heki
Grandparents of Homeschoolers, Co-Founders
GrandGroups – A Way for Grandparents to Connect and Share Ideas!” 
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Meredith Curtis
Powerline Productions, Co-Founder
“Add Food to Maximize Learning”
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Dorcas Ross
Homeschool Bolivia, La Paz
“Investing In Your Family Legacy”
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Spanish-language Track (en español)

Dorcas Ross
Homeschool Bolivia, La Paz
“Invirtiendo en su legado familiar”
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Kids’ Track (in English)

Tammy Edwards
STREAM Tutoring & Parties, Founder
Money Matters for Kids
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I promote International Homeschool Day?
Thank you for asking! We are so glad that you are joining this global, faith-based, parent-led education revolution! You can share this website with your friends and family. The website address is very easy to remember:; translation into Spanish is available at [please note, translation is provided digitally by Google Translate].

Where are International Homeschool Day Gatherings?
There are public and private gatherings across the world coordinated by people just like you.

How much does it cost to participate in International Homeschool Day?
Participation in International Homeschool Day is free! To help everyone out, we are waiving all streaming license costs for you, our participants! So, stream on!

What speakers did you choose for International Homeschool Day?
We chose speakers for International Homeschool Day who are active leaders in the homeschool community that have homeschooled their own sons and daughters successfully and who unapologetically hold to a biblical worldview.

What sponsors did you choose for International Homeschool Day?
We chose sponsors for International Homeschool Day who are associated with our speakers and are recognized as trusted homeschool brands.

International Participants
I live outside the United States of America, is International Homeschool Day available for me or my group to participate in?
Yes! International Homeschool Day is an event that is available for streaming in almost any location (in any time zone) with the appropriate internet connection (we recommend an internet connection speed of at least 10 Mbps for reliable streaming). You can stream our encouraging speakers and join us in being encouraged in the Lord! Plus, we are waiving all streaming license costs for every one of our international participants! So, stream on!

Local Event Coordinators & Hosts
Where can I host an International Homeschool Gathering?
You can host an International Homeschool Gathering in your home, at your local church, through your community’s homeschool co-op, or with your favorite online group. Depending on where you host, a group license may be required–we are sponsoring every group for International Homeschool Day 2024, which means every group license is F-R-E-E this year (a $350 value!)!

Is International Homeschool Day for both parents and youth?
International Homeschool Day speakers are definitely kid-friendly! We understand that young ones may not be able to sit through an entire 45-minute session, but teens might enjoy the topics. Now including kids’ track with fun, hands-on activities!

How should I prepare to host my International Homeschool Gathering?
You are free to set your own local schedule as each talk is prerecorded and you will be able to stream every session on-demand at your leisure.

What will my local event schedule look like during the event?
For those who choose to host a local event for International Homeschool Day, you can choose your own schedule, watch the topics that interest you and your group, build in time for discussion and fellowship. Remember that all sessions are pre-recorded, you can stream on-demand throughout the day of the event on your own schedule.

How do I access the simulcast?
You will access the simulcast through web links that we provide to you via e-mail, this will enable you to access the on-demand videos from our server to ensure high quality.

How long will the simulcast be available for streaming?
The simulcast will be available on the day of the event and may have extended viewing dates.