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Our Mission

IAC is a non-profit organization working with Christians worldwide to credibly promote, protect, and preserve the God-given, inalienable right of every individual human being to access quality Christian Education while affirming the faith of Christians and declaring the salvation message to the lost. As we endeavor to unify Christian leaders, we seek to provide them with strategic guidance for tactically creating access and opportunity for Christian Education in their communities.

Our Vision

To see believers from every nation, tribe, and tongue enjoy quality Christian Education.

Every Story Tells of Eternal Impact

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Every Dollar Makes A Difference

We consistently receive superior ratings for accountability and transparency.

100% Goes To The Mission

Every story written and every dollar given is because of your support of the mission.

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We work to provide transformational biblical worldview education learning opportunities for every community; join us!

Our Family of Ministries

International Association for Creation is a global association of faith-based organizations across the world which promote quality Christian Education through a multitude of transformative initiatives, including the Association’s subsidiaries below.

Who? Christian Education Professionals
What? Professional Association

Where? Worldwide

Global Alliance of National Christian Homeschool Leaders works alongside national Christian homeschool leaders in over seventy-five nations to advance homeschool freedom and education reform. Through public policy and civil society initiatives, we secure rights, establish liberty, and influence nations while creating access and opportunity for every image-bearer to take advantage of quality Christian Education.

Who? National Christian Homeschool Leaders
What? Leadership Development
Where? Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia-Pacific

Alliance of Independent Museum Guides manages a global team of experts, impacting thousands of underserved Christian youth every year in numerous nations (across multiple major languages) by providing transformational, interactive learning experiences at world-class museums through quality Christian Education.

Who? Independent Museum Guides
What? Tour Guide Services

Where? United States of America, Mexico, Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom

The Creation Trail is the world’s first program that brings together leading biblical worldview learning centers from across the globe to ensure that today’s Christian families and students have access to much-needed quality, interactive Christian Education resources.

Who? Christian Families & Students
What? Interactive Learning Network
Where? The U.S.A., Canada, Ireland, the U.K., the European Union, Australia

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