For the Love of Ministry Professionals

Our mission is to work with Christians worldwide to credibly promote, protect, and preserve the God-given, inalienable right of every individual human being to access quality, Christ-centered education while affirming the faith of Christians and declaring the salvation message to the lost. As we endeavor to unify Christians, we seek to provide them with strategic guidance for tactically creating access and opportunity for Christ-centered education.

IAC is an international group of faith-based organizations around the world that is empowering ministry professionals by helping them innovate and grow. Enabling them to do ministry on the local level with the support of a nationwide network of like-minded teams and individuals.

The average independent ministry professional reaches a fraction of the public that major ministries do.


Now imagine taking your ministry's unique local outreach and supercharging it with the tech, marketing, and strategy of a major ministry.
That's IAC.

By the Numbers


States & Provinces Served


Countries Served


Local Leaders Empowered


National Leaders Empowered

We're Ministry People.

Our team is made up of experienced professionals who are amplfying learning, increasing access, and protecting rights. From empowering experienced community leaders and organizations to providing sustainable, local solutions for students, parents, and teachers; we are equipping the next wave of innovators in the Christ-centered education space.

We find children who lack access to quality Christ-centered education, provide them with sustainable, winning solutions, and see them through to success and graduation.

We relentlessly pursue the promotion, protection, and preservation of sustainable, winning solutions. We ensure that families are equipped to succeed today and change tomorrow.

We provide leadership training, professional mentorship, and strategic support to parents and community leaders that changes nations every day.

We're here to serve you.

We empower experienced community leaders and organizations to provide sustainable, local solutions for students, parents, and teachers.


Our passion is to help communities collaborate.


Our desire is to educate leaders.


Our goal is to advocate alongside ministry professionals.

Our Commitment to Our Community


We are committed to being decentralized because each individual across our global network has unique gifts, talents, and abilities that should be used to impact the community through the common work God has called us all to.


We are committed to being federated because we each need one another, on a professional level, as different parts of the same body of Christ.


We are committed to being cooperative because we are called to share amongst one another and work together for a single mission: the Gospel.


We are committed to being innovative because we are called to be forward-thinking with our eternal hope rooted in Jesus.

It is important that we create space for Christian dialogue and action because when Christians lead the way in the culture, then their faithfulness creates opportunity for all.

Tracking the Change

While we consistently pursue change in the lives of individuals, our vision is to see entire nations transformed.


We believe that collaborating is the key to our shared success.


We are consistently educating individuals as we grow together.


We are focused on advocating for quality, Christ-centered education.

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