We believe Christ-centered education
changes lives,
changes communities,
changes nations.

The problem is 90% of children worldwide lack access to quality Christ-centered education.

With your help,

we are changing that in our lifetime.


How Do We Amplify Learning, Increase Access, and Protect Rights?

We empower experienced community leaders and organizations to provide sustainable, local solutions for students, parents, and teachers.

Starting in the Backyard

We took time; we did our research. We sat in a few backyards to talk with parents and found a solution for many who lack access to quality Christ-centered education; by amplifying learning, increasing access, and protecting rights, we are giving opportunities to all.

Amplifying Learning

Children, families, and teachers in your community can participate in Christ-centered education more easily than ever before. Through our global network of interactive learning locations, we ensure that every child can enjoy interactive learning from a biblical worldview.

Increasing Access

We believe that increased access to quality, Christ-centered education around the world is important for everyone; that is why we are providing families, students, and teachers with access to the world’s largest network of biblical worldview tours at world-class museums, zoological parks, and aquariums.

Protecting Rights

We ensure that protecting parental rights is successful by training and equipping national Christian homeschool leaders around the world through our worldclass leadership development program that enables them to advocate before governments and in society for quality, Christ-centered education.

Having access to quality Christ-centered education changes lives and communities in …

Mexico City

Noehmi is a mother and wife living outside of Mexico City, Mexico, where she leads Christian home education for families in the Capital Region of Mexico. On her first visit to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C., she prepared to give a virtual biblical worldview tour for the children and families. It wasn’t enough to take the tour; she was determined to lead tours and make them available to as many people as possible in her own community.


Martin and Bev have children and live outside Dublin, Ireland, where they recently began leading the national Christian home education organization– Ireland Christian Home Educators Association. In his new role, Martin and Bev have been looking for a resource to help engage the dozens of new families they began leading just weeks before. That’s when he got connected with IAC, and Irish Christian families have been enjoying virtual tours from a biblical worldview ever since.


Liz is a mother and wife living in Nairobi, Kenya. She helps lead the Christ-centered education reform movement across East Africa and was delighted to hear of the possibility for children and families from Kenya, Uganda, and neighboring nations to take part in virtual biblical worldview tours of world-class museums.


Barnabas is a husband and father in Kathmandu, Nepal, where he leads a group of local churches across Nepal, teaching parents how to disciple their children at home. Barnabas has a heart to encourage parents and children to learn God’s Word and defend the faith where he coordinates virtual biblical worldview tours.

It is important that we create space for Christian dialogue and action because when Christians lead the way in the culture, then their faithfulness creates opportunity for all.

We are working in more than 100 nations!

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