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Welcome to The Creation Trail, we want to commend you for choosing to educate your children in the precepts of the Lord! And, we are pleased to labor alongside you to help make quality, ongoing biblical education available for your family through fun and interactive creation science resources.

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How To Redeem Your Discount

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Smithsonian Virtual Tours

GLOBAL — Smithsonian — Virtual
DISCOUNT: Free virtual tour ticket for the whole family (valued at $20 per person!).

Life Sciences Tour: LSUSHSD21 (Expiration Date: 12/31/2021)
Marine Biology Tour: MBUSHSD21 (Expiration Date: 12/31/2021)
Astronomy Tour: ASUSHSD21 (Expiration Date: 12/31/2021)

STEP 1: Redeem your discount (see “Redeem My Discount” instructions above)
STEP 2: Information will be sent to you via e-mail for available dates and tour access.
STEP 3: Enjoy a creation tour of the Smithsonian from the comfort of your own home!

NEED HELP? Contact us at guide [dot] services [at] associationforcreation [dot] org.


Q1: What does the virtual creation tour consist of?
A1: Our virtual creation tours at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History and Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum are given from the biblical worldview, in that the Earth is about 6,000 years old and that God created all things in six solar days where the Flood during Noah’s day was global and catastrophic. Each of our experts is highly trained in creation science and ready to help you experience God’s world through the lens of God’s Word!

Q2: What should I expect during the virtual creation tour?
A2: Our virtual creation tours at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History and Smithsonian National Museum of Air & Space are exciting and engaging, see many exhibits about God’s world through the lens of God’s Word while engaging in questions from the tour guide, viewing world-class museum exhibits, and discussing various topics with other guests. The tour provides biblical worldview insight through the following exhibit halls within the museums:

Life Sciences- Oceanography; Human Origins; Biodiversity; and Dinosaurs (overview)
Marine Biology- Oceanography (in-depth)
Astronomy- Exploring the Planets, Apollo to the Moon, Space Race, Explore the Universe, Moving Beyond Earth, How Things Fly, and Looking at Earth (overview)

Q3: How long does the tour last?
A5: Virtual tours typically last approximately 45 minutes to an hour, including Q&A time with one of our experts. These tours provide families with a biblical perspective and insights into creation science while going through one of the world’s most famous museums and checking out world-class exhibits.

Q4: How do I schedule my tour?
A4: To begin scheduling your tour, please redeem your discount and a reservation specialist from The Creation Trail will contact you via e-mail within one to two business days. To help find a tour time that works best for you, please have your family or group calendar ready. We look forward to exploring God’s world through the lens of God’s Word with you soon!

Q5 How do I access my tour?
A3: We have made it super easy to access your tour with just one click! You will receive your exclusive tour link on the day of the event via the e-mail you are provided during registration. All you need to do is simply click the link and join us on the tour, it’s that easy. Group tours currently use Zoom, please ensure your device is compatible.

Participating Discount Locations


ALABAMA — Birmingham — Creation Explorers
DISCOUNT: 10% off tour rate
(Code: CEALHSD21 | Expiration: December 31, 2021)
TELEPHONE: 407-512-0638, Creation Trail Central Reservations

ARIZONA — Phoenix — Creation, Evolution, & Science Ministries
DISCOUNT: 10% off book, “The COST”
(Code: CEAZHSD21 | Expiration: December 31, 2021)
TELEPHONE: 928-774-8074

ARKANSAS — Eureka Springs — Great Passion Play:
DISCOUNT: 20% off tickets
(Code: CMARHSD21 | Expiration: December 31, 2021)
TELEPHONE: 479-253-9200, ask to speak with James Stroud

CALIFORNIA — Dana Point — Capt. Dave’s Whale Watching
DISCOUNT: 20% off any trip, Monday through Friday
(Code: CDCAHSD21 | Expiration Date: December 31, 2021)
TELEPHONE: 949-577-8403

​FLORIDA — Orlando — Science Partners
DISCOUNT I:10% off tours
DISCOUNT II: 20% off “The Complete Aquarium Adventure” book
(Code: SPFLHSD21 | Expiration Date: December 31, 2021)
TELEPHONE: 407-808-4458

FLORIDA — Fort Lauderdale — Saltwater Studies
DISCOUNT I : Additional siblings 20-25% off
DISCOUNT II: Parents free with paying child
(Code: SSFLHSD21 | Expiration: December 31, 2021)
TELEPHONE: 954-895-8579

KANSAS — Caney — Safari Zoological Park
DISCOUNT: $1.00 off admission for groups of 25+
(Code: SZKSHSD21 | Expiration: December 31, 2021)
TELEPHONE: 620-515-2885

KANSAS — Haviland — Heart of America Science Resource Center
DISCOUNT: Free polished rock with visit
(Code: HAKSHSD21 | Expiration: December 31, 2021)
TELEPHONE: 620-862-5654

KANSAS — Kansas CIty — Creation Science Association for Mid-America
DISCOUNT: 10% off book purchase
(Code: CSKSHSD21 | Expiration: December 31, 2021)
TELEPHONE: 816-246-4517

KANSAS — Rozel — Natural HIStory Museum
DISCOUNT: Free Admission
(Code: MHKSHSD21 | Expiration: December 31, 2021)
TELEPHONE: 407-512-0638, Creation Trail Central Reservations

MAINE — Portland — Northeast Creation Ministries
DISCOUNT: Exclusive rates for your homeschool group
(CODE: NCMEHSD21 | Expiration: December 31, 2021)
TELEPHONE: 207-837-2564

​MISSOURI — Branson — Creation Experience Museum
​DISCOUNT: Staff discount on one (1) bookstore item
(Code: CEMOHSD21 | Expiration: December 31, 2021)
TELEPHONE: 417-561-0750

​MONTANA — Glendive — Glendive Dinosaur & Fossil Museum
DISCOUNT: 10% off gift shop purchase
(Code: GDMTHSD21 | Expiration: December 31, 2021)
TELEPHONE: 406-377-3228

​OHIO — Akron –Akron Fossils & Science Center
DISCOUNT: 10% off gift shop purchase
(Code: AFOHHSD21 | Expiration: December 31, 2021)
TELEPHONE: 330-665-3466

​OKLAHOMA — Medicine Park — Discovery Outpost
DISCOUNT: 10% off store purchase
(Code: DOOKHSD21 | Expiration: December 31, 2021)
TELEPHONE: 580-340-0329

OREGON — Portland — Creation Encounter
DISCOUNT: Exclusive rates for your homeschool group of 8+ people
(Code: DSORHSD21 | Expiration: December 31, 2021)
TELEPHONE: 407-512-0638, Creation Trail Central Reservations

SOUTH DAKOTA — Lemmon — Grand River Museum
DISCOUNT: 10% off books/DVDs
(Code: GRSDHSD21 | Expiration Date: December 31, 2021)
TELEPHONE: 605-769-4006

TEXAS — Abilene — Discovery Center
DISCOUNT: 10% off bookstore purchase
(Code: DCTXHSD21 | Expiration: December 31, 2021)
TELEPHONE: 325-673-5050

VIRGINIA — Gate City — Creation Kingdom Zoo
DISCOUNT: 10% off adult admission
(Code: CKVAHSD21 | Expiration: December 31, 2021)
TELEPHONE: 276-479-1910

​WASHINGTON — Peshastin — God’s World Exploration Station
DISCOUNT: 10% off book/DVD/fossil purchase
(Code: GWWAHSD21 | Expiration: December 31, 2021)
TELEPHONE: 360-367-1107

WASHINGTON — Castle Rock — Mount St. Helens Creation Center
DISCOUNT: 10% off book/DVD purchase
​(Code: MSWAHSD21 | Expiration: December 31, 2021)
TELEPHONE: 360-274-5737


MANITOBA — Winnepeg — Christian Evidences Museum
DISCOUNT: Free Admission
HSD21 | Expiration: December 31, 2021)
TELEPHONE: 204-667-6548

ONTARIO — Goodwood — Canada Creation Research Museum
DISCOUNT: 10% off
D21 | Expiration: December 31, 2021)

ONTARIO — Cornwall — Creation Science Centre
DISCOUNT: Children free with paying adult
(Code CSON
HSD21 | Expiration: December 31, 2021)
TELEPHONE: 343-885-9633


ENGLAND — Norwich — Genesis Museum of Creation
DISCOUNT: 10% off select services
(Code GMUKHSD21 | Expiration: December 31, 2021)

PORTUGAL — Barrieralva — Discovery Park
DISCOUNT: Seasonal Offerings Available

(Code: DPPOHSD21 | Expiration: December 31, 2021)
TELEPHONE: +351 968 033 984


AUSTRALIA  — Gympie — Jurassic Ark / Aussie Creation Museum
DISCOUNT: 10% off on select services

(Code ACAUHSD21​ | Expiration: December 31, 2021​)
TELEPHONE: 0418 474 792 or 0488 740 407

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7. Coupons cannot be replaced if emails are deleted by the claimant.
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