Why Museums?

For children across America and around the world, Christian museum tours change lives.

Did You Know? 100% of public museums in the USA force some 18 million hours of evolutionary indoctrination onto our children every year.*

However, the good news is that with your help we are changing that.

Museums are in Your Community

Now children in your community can participate in creation tours at these world-class museums because every child deserves access to quality biblical worldview creation education.

Museums Display God’s Glory

The truth is that God owns everything because He created all things, that includes the vast artifacts and collections held within museums around the world. Thankfully, God enables His image-bearers to be stewards of these great discoveries throughout creation for one purpose so that we can point others back to Him through His creation.

Your Backyard is a “Living Museum”

While world-class museums are special places to visit, everyone has amazing exhibits crafted by God himself even in their own backyard. Whether animals at your local pet store and zoo or the little critters in your backyard, even the vast shining stars in the night sky, God created all of these for our enjoyment that we might glorify in Him.

Museums Connect Us to God’s Glory

Wherever we look everything on display was designed by God or developed by mankind—God’s masterpiece. Whatever the museum signage may claim, each item points to the creativity and power of its ultimate Creator. God’s greatest work was sending His Son, Jesus, as the sacrifice for our sins. When his rescued people then visit a museum we can rejoice in the privilege of thanking Him for inventing such fascinating things.

How do we use museums to the glory of God?

We work with local experts and community members to find the best opportunities to help students discover God’s creation first-hand while enabling parents to find opportunities to engage with their children while enjoying God’s creation and equipping pastors and educators to teach creation effectively.

Having access to world-class museums from the biblical worldview changed the lives and communities of Nohemi, Liz, Martin, Barnabas, and thousands of others around the world. Hear their stories today!

Noehmi’s Story

Noehmi is a mother and wife living outside of Mexico City, Mexico where she leads Christian home education for families in the Capitol Region of Mexico. On her very first visit of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. she was preparing to give a virtual creation tour for the children and families. It wasn’t enough to just take the tour, she was determined to lead tours and make them available to as many people as possible in her own community.

Martin’s Story

Martin and Bev have children and live outside Dublin, Ireland where they recently began leading the national Christian home education organization– Ireland Christian Home Educators  Association. In his new role, Martin and Bev have been looking for a resource to help engage the dozens of new families they began leading just weeks before. That’s when he got connected with International Association for Creation and Irish Christian families have been enjoying virtual tours from a biblical worldview ever since.

Liz’s Story

Liz is a mother and wife living in Nairobi, Kenya. She leads the Christian education reform movement across East Africa and was delighted to hear of the possibility for children and families from Kenya, Uganda, and neighboring nations to take part in virtual creation tours of world-class museums.

Barnabas Pandit

Barnabas is a husband and father in Kathmandu, Nepal where he leads a group of local churches across Nepal, teaching parents how to disciple their children at home. Barnabas has a heart to encourage parents and children in learning God’s Word and how to defend the faith where he coordinates virtual creation tours.

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*SOURCE: American Alliance of Museums
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