Why Museums?

Why Museums?

For children across America and around the world, Christian museum tours change lives.

Did You Know? 100% of public museums in the USA force some 18 million hours of evolutionary indoctrination onto our children every year.

However, the good news is that with your help we are changing that!

Now children in your community can participate in creation tours at these world-class museums because every child deserves access to quality biblical worldview creation education.

The truth is that God owns everything because He created all things, that includes the vast artifacts and collections held within museums around the world. Thankfully, God enables His image-bearers to be stewards of these great discoveries throughout creation for one purpose so that we can point others back to Him through His creation.

While world-class museums are special places to visit, everyone has amazing exhibits crafted by God himself even in their backyard. Whether animals at your local pet store and zoo or the little critters in your backyard, even the vast shining stars in the night sky.

While we cannot put a price on all of the exhibits that God crafted by His own hand, whether those we find in the museum or outdoors, we can be confident that the enjoyment of seeing His creation as redeemed image-bearers is one of the plethora of privileges that we inherit through salvation because He sent His Son to die on the cross which is a priceless act of atoning sacrifice.