Parental Rights

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For National Christian Homeschool Leaders

Global Alliance First Steps

Global Alliance First Steps allows you to get to know your peers, helps you learn about all the Alliance has to offer including our Five-Step Success Path, and provides you with the opportunity to get involved with leaders like yourself as we grow and share together.

Global Alliance Teamwork

Global Alliance Teamwork is dedicated to helping you and your team grow and learn together, alongside leaders from other nations, as you advance through our leadership development incubator program’s Five-Step Success Path and beyond.

Global Alliance Strategy

Global Alliance Strategy is for seasoned leaders who desire to take their involvement in the community to the next level by providing their wisdom and insight through mentorship and training while implementing successful strategies with new leaders.

Welcome to The Global Alliance of National Christian Homeschool Leaders

The Global Alliance of National Christian Homeschool Leaders is an exclusive, invitation-only international community of high-level leaders who have come together to protect parental rights and advance access to homeschooling using proven principles and concepts that transcend barriers and build upon our ongoing success. Now more than ever it is vital to promote, protect, and preserve the God-given rights of parents to educate their children at home.

The Global Alliance of National Christian Homeschool Leaders is a membership for homeschool parents, advocates, and leaders who desire to increase their impact and outreach.

Ministry fatigue is a real thing. There’s so much to do, not enough time, and an overload of information on what to do.

We live in ever-changing times. There are so many opportunities to reach people with the truth of God’s Word. Yet, we struggle with maximizing our ministry, like growing guest traffic, seeing an increase in giving, and accessing the tools needed to succeed.

Here’s the thing, social media can be used for good, and you might even be using your profile to share your faith and engaging others in the comments section of your favorite online group. However, while social media can be good, it may not be best. The reality is that as image-bearers, we were made for face-to-face relationships and ministry.

Add to that the overwhelming amount of resources available online, and you could be stuck behind your screen all day. There are all these amazing resources out there and plenty of opportunities to type replies. Yet, there is still not a real-life connection. Worse yet, those on social media can easily disengage and disappear from our lives. That leaves our ministry lacking consistency. Then we are stranded, having to spend more time trying the same things over again.

Perhaps you are like many of us who get excited about making social media posts and recording videos that we are certain will change the world only to find social media tech giants limiting our reach and censoring our messages.

Ministry is not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure! Doesn’t it feel like we are always either fighting with technology or not reaching the people we want? This can cause us to lack confidence in what God has called us to do; we keep questioning our talents and abilities.

“What else can I try to get this to work?”

Maybe you’ve told your friends and family to a less than stellar response, wishing you had more support and encouragement along the way.

Finding more time, more help, more consistency, and more confidence in your ministry is something we all desire to grow in.

The Global Alliance of National Christian Homeschool Leaders is a place to affirm your deep commitment to God’s Word and the homeschool community. Be part of a close-knit community of like-minded professionals, access the resources you need to succeed, and get the tools to reach people in your community.

The Global Alliance of National Christian Homeschool Leaders is a community where we can grow together, be encouraged and accountable, focusing on your ministry goals with consistency and confidence!

Becoming part of The Global Alliance of National Christian Homeschool Leaders is for you if…

-You are a leader who wants to grow
-You are interested in expanding your skills
-You desire to succeed with your ministry

Is that you?
Welcome to The The Global Alliance of National Christian Homeschool Leaders.
You just found your community!

The Global Alliance of National Christian Homeschool Leaders is a membership community crafted exclusively for people like you to maximize your ministry with amazing resources and support.

Our membership community is designed especially for you to help give you the best of the best resources and training for your success in the ministry.

Our goal is to help you spend more time maximizing your national impact.

Every month we will focus on different topics and you will have access to:

-Resource Sharing
-Exclusive Benefits

We even have tons of great bonuses and surprises in store for you! The faster you join, the more bonuses you will receive.

Because of your leadership, we are committed to working together to see you succeed. That is why we are making sure you have just the right tools you need to succeed.


Get all of these benefits and our proven success path to help you be more confident in your calling.

The Global Alliance of National Christian Homeschool Leaders will help you maximize your national impact.

-We will help you build your confidence
-We will help you enhance your ministry
-We will help you serve the Lord with excellence

Global Alliance Benefits

Global Alliance has developed a proven Five-Step Success Path to assist leaders in building their national organizations in a sustainable way, leading to monumental societal and governmental reforms concerning parental rights.

Global Alliance provides much-needed guidance in the context of a relationship between a seasoned national leader who helps to guide a growing national leader along our proven Five-Step Success Path, offering knowledge and resources every step of the way, this includes everything from forming your community and setting up a national organization to increasing access to homeschooling and protecting parental rights.

Global Alliance enables national leaders across dozens of nations to directly share critical prayer needs and resources with one another in a time-sensitive manner. This ensures the success of each leader individually as well as the bloc as a whole.

In our ongoing effort to provide high-quality connectivity and value-added service to national Christian homeschool leaders, we provide exclusive benefits to active members of the Global Alliance of National Christian Homeschool Leaders who are enrolled in the Global Alliance. Available benefits are based upon each individual’s level of completion. Benefits include:

Professional Graphic Design Tools: Leaders will have access to professional graphic design tools through our world-class online platform. Subscription fees will be covered by the Alliance.
Webpage Design & Hosting: Leaders are able to choose from great design templates and host their organizational webpage on our secure server. Hosting fees will be covered by the Alliance.
Video Call Meetings: Leaders may schedule video calls for meetings related to their leadership in the national homeschool community they serve on our encrypted network. Access fees will be covered by the Alliance.
Legal & Civic Advocates: Leaders will have priority access to local advocates in their nations to provide legal aid and civic engagement on matters pertaining to advancing homeschool freedom. Priority support is provided as an exclusive benefit through the Alliance.
Media Access: Leaders will be given access to televised, radio, and print interviews to influence public opinion about homeschooling and parental rights through an expert media booking agent. Media bookings are provided as a unique benefit through the Alliance.
Overnight Accommodations & Meals: Leaders will have access to the world’s largest Christian homestay network which provides accommodations and meals to travelers in most nations around the world. Registration fees will be covered by the Alliance.
Online Assessment Testing: Leaders can elect to take the Basic Christian Doctrine Test and the Biblical Creation Test to help them assess their proficiency in related fields. Testing fees will be covered by the Alliance.
Cooperative Buying Discounts: Leaders may choose to shop for homeschool curriculum through select online stores to earn cooperative buying discounts and rebates.

This highly specialized program is helping national Christian homeschool leaders successfully begin and thrive at leading their Christ-centered education organization. Thereby making the way to amplify learning, increase access, and protect rights to quality Christ-centered education.

Such foresight and action have become increasingly vital to the success of protecting parental rights and increasing access to homeschooling. Bringing together seasoned experts who provide mentorship, deliver regular live training, and provide high-quality resources to leaders in over one hundred nations.

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