Stories of Eternal Impact

Read the stories of individuals just like you who have been impacted for eternity.

The United States of America

“Back in February of 2020, I was leading a biblical worldview tour of the Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois, where I met Laura and her family. Laura and her children seemed a bit nervous to be at the museum on that frigid February morning on the lake. As they walked through the museum with the rest of the tour group, it was so encouraging to see their faces be filled with amazement and wonder as if they had heard about God’s world through the lens of God’s Word for the very first time. Come to find out; it was their first time! At the end of the tour, Laura came up to me and said, ‘I have never been to the Field Museum with my children. I was scared to take them into the exhibits because of the evolutionary indoctrination. Thank you for showing me not to be afraid of teaching my children.’ There are hundreds of parents’ stories just like Laura’s; together, we have been called to help Laura and thousands of other Christian parents not be afraid.” -Steven Policastro, Director


What started as a small project to serve a local group in the Capital Region outside of Mexico City has become one of our largest impact projects in the Americas. As of our first Spanish-language tour serving the suburbs of Mexico City, God has opened the door to serve over 6,000 Mexican families from the Rio Grande to the Yucatan, as well as reaching hundreds of families across El Salvador, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, and Argentina.

The Philippines

The first nation of our trans-Pacific expansion continues to see hundreds of dedicated families join life-changing virtual biblical worldview tours of the Smithsonian in great numbers, even having such dedication to show up to a tour in the early morning hours so that they can experience God’s world through the lens of God’s World at world-class museums.


Ireland has provided a unique opportunity to serve families on the island because they were beginning to revamp the national Christian homeschool organization with great new leadership. While helping spearhead some of their latest programs, families have been blessed to access biblical worldview resources.


Families in Ukraine have been pioneering the way towards home education freedom for more than two decades. When they had the opportunity to participate in virtual biblical worldview tours in their home, the response was phenomenal.

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