Reach This generation through digital ads.

Put your ministry in front of 10k+ people in your local community across Facebook, Google, Instagram, and more.

Digital Ads

Your digital ad campaign can be quick and easy with the help of our team because we've found the secrets to success online.

-Guests tap or click to access your event listing online

-Targeted for a specific geographic location to reach potential customers in your local area

-Scheduled to maximize your outreach online

-You can customize the look and feel of your campaign

-We consistently track performance and routinely optimize your ads

-Campaign report shared for your insight

Your Ministry + Our Digital Ad Team = Your Success

Reach Your Guests

These days, everyone is connected to the internet, but it can be hard to connect with them. Our team will help you find the right people who are most likely to attend your events and invite them to be part of learning about the biblical worldview.

Spend Wisely Online

Our team of digital designers and marketing professionals work with you to create, place, and closely track ads for your ministry. Instead of going it alone, likely losing time and money, we can help you ensure your ad dollars are spent wisely.

Best Practices for You Online

We will deploy the best practices for digital advertising online to help you succeed.

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