Leadership Incubator

LEAP Incubator (part of the Global Alliance of National Christian Homeschool Leaders) is an exclusive, invitation-only international community of high-level leaders who have come together to advance homeschool freedom using proven principles and concepts that transcend barriers and build upon our ongoing success. LEAP Incubator is brought to you by the Global Alliance of National Christian Homeschool Leaders.

LEAP Incubator Benefits

LEAP Incubator provides much-needed guidance in the context of a relationship between a seasoned national leader who helps to guide a growing national leader along our proven five-step success path. This includes setting up their national organization and securing government protection of their God-given rights to quality Christian Education.

We have developed a proven five-step success path to assist national leaders in building their national organizations in a sustainable way, leading to monumental societal and governmental reforms concerning education reform.

LEAP Incubator enables national leaders across dozens of nations to directly share critical prayer needs and resources with one another in a time-sensitive manner. This ensures the success of each leader individually as well as the bloc as a whole.

This highly-specialized program is helping national Christian Education leaders successfully begin and thrive at leading their Christian Education organization. Thereby making the way to promote, protect, and preserve every individual’s God-given right to quality Christian Education.

Such foresight and action have become increasingly vital to the success of Christian Education globally. Bringing together seasoned experts who provide mentorship, deliver regular live training, and provide high-quality resources to leaders in dozens of nations.

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