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IAC Exclusives

In a time when the world is saturated with noise from a generation that is more connected than ever, IAC is proud to provide its members and guests with a world-recognized line of products and services. The Creation Trail brand of products, services, and events appeal to guests focused on quality and trust, and its position as one of the most established cooperative offerings in the Christian community also makes it one of the most trusted brands for your constituency.

Regularly scheduled exclusive events include:
Creation Trail Day (streamed on-demand)
International Homeschool Day (streamed on-demand)
Museum & A Movie Night (on-site)

Why Choose IAC?

The IAC Exclusive Series was created to assist Christian business and ministry leaders in reaching their target markets through our nationwide footprint of learning facilities and retail outlets. IAC Exclusive provides the attention to detail, cutting edge marketing, and highest level of expertise to our clients. Due to our growing footprint, we are able to provide the most comprehensive meeting and event planning in the Christian community.

We exist to provide Gospel-centered, Christ-focused events that bring together extraordinary experiences, interactive learning, and spectacular content to make lasting connections. Our goal in all we think, say, and do is to glorify God; for our team, that means providing the highest quality of service and the greatest benefit for our clients and their events, and to always advise our clients in a way that is truthful and objective as we offer our professional services.

The IAC Exclusive Series is an experienced event management company that can provide your group with access to the world’s largest footprint of resources needed to host a nationwide event or choose to go local, virtually anywhere across the United States of America. We understand the different needs and desires of Christian businesses and ministries, that is why we are dedicated to providing you with the highest level of expertise. Our solid and longstanding relationships will help you tap into larger customer bases in communities across America that fit your niche.  We are committed to advising and guiding our clients on how to best plan, implement, and analyze experiential marketing solutions.

Our Approach

Our goal is to help your ministry build meaningful relationships with your customers, employees, and business influencers through live event experiences that are Christ-centered and Gospel-focused.

From better business intelligence at the start, through flawless execution in the middle, to the final delivery of strategic insights after the event; you can expect results with IAC Exclusives.

Before the event, we help you define your objectives and identify your target audience, establish dialogue with your audience, help you understand the best way to engage your audience, provide solutions to bring your brand to life, create innovative events that bring together commerce, education, and faith.

During the event, we help you integrate your brand into our immersive experience.

After the event, we help you measure and assess results, apply best practices, discuss new opportunities, and assessing actionable information to drive decision-making.

Throughout the process, we deliver advice that brings fresh thinking and and new ideas together to solve the tough challenges, optimize conditions for event execution, implement day-of details, and evaluate the effectiveness of each event with every client.

Experiential Marketing

We understand the importance of live, exclusive events in an ever-increasing digital world. Lasting impressions are made when memorable moments happen.

Experiential Marketing provided by IAC Interactive can meet the following needs of your ministry:

-In-depth research and analytics to deliver insight into your brand, the marketplace, the competitive landscape, and your target audience.

-Analysis of your portfolio to recommend new opportunities and ensure on-going success.

-Strategies for identifying, modeling, and contacting the right audience for your event.

-Assessing the right sponsorships for your event, while creating an action plan to optimize sponsorship investment that allow for long-term business solutions through our network.

-Giving qualifying organizations the ability to take advantage of our special events by empowering participating locations to raise money while engaging in cooperative marketing.

-Bringing together strategy, creativity, event management to ensure the right concept, content, and journey for your audience.

Our Exclusive Events

 IAC Exclusive Events help connect passionate people with memorable moments.

We partner with you to help execute events that will change communities through extraordinary experiences, interactive learning, and spectacular content. Make lasting connections with attendees and take your event to the next level with IAC.

2020 Event Schedule

Interational Homeschool Day 2020
Featured Speakers:  Israel Wayne, Lainna Callentine, Gerald and Bev Huebner, Mike Richardson, Sherri Seligson, Meredith Curtis, Barb and Rich Heki, and Kyle Justice
February 29th

Proposed Future Events
Homeschool Science Fairs
​Mom’s Night Out at the Museum

Digging Up Live Dinos Special Exhibit
​God’s Girls in God’s Great Outdoors
A Night of Apologetics for Youth
… and more are being added all the time!

Past Events
Creation Trail Day 2019
International Homeschool Day 2019
Creation Trail Day 2018
Patterns of Evidence: The Moses Controversy Hearing*

Sight & Sound: Noah Nationwide*
Creation Trail Day 2017
Is Genesis History? National Discussion*
Genesis: Paradise Lost 3D Experience*
The Riot & The Dance Celebration*

*This event is part of the Museum & A Movie Night event series.

Sponsorship Opportunities

IAC Exclusive Events are the perfect opportunity for your business or ministry to gain access to our highly effective local targeted marketing through deep community connections and an extensive network of niche customers across America and around the globe.

For more information on event sponsorship opportunities, please fill out an event sponsor registration form.

Depending on your level of sponsorship your organization can receive the following benefits:

Your company will receive:
-Company name/website URL on “Event Sponsors” list
-Your company name/logo on event marketing materials
-6 sponsored blog/social posts on The Creation Trail digital media outlets
-1 sponsored show on The Creation Trail Podcast
-Sponsorship announcement on CreationTrail.com
-Sponsorship announcement across The Creation Trail social media
-Sponsorship announcement in The Creation Trail Newsletter

Depending on your level of sponsorship your organization will be asked to participate in the following:

What The International Association for Creation is asking of you:
-4 dedicated e-blasts to your e-mail list
-5 blog and/or social media posts promoting the sponsored event
-10 Facebook “Likes” and “Shares” of specific posts across our social media platforms
-Promotion of sponsored event at conventions and conferences (if applicable)
-Interview with event coordinators on your podcast or radio show (if applicable)
-Ad for The Creation Trail in your magazine, catalog, or website (if applicable)