Undergraduates & Faculty

University System Benefits

Premium Benefits

Premium benefits are available exclusively to University System Members of The International Association for Creation.

1. Faculty/Adjunct Exchange Program
–Enhance teaching ability and course offerings by easily requesting professors from trusted member schools.

2. Library Circulation Services
–Grow campus library offerings by providing students and faculty with more Christian titles.

3. Inclusion in IAC’s MIS (Museum-In-School) Program
–Get professional guidance and support from IAC in setting up museum exhibits and displays on your campus.

4. Creation Foundation Participation [Coming in 2025]
–Matching grants made available to eligible campuses for the building of Museum-In-School facilities.

​1. Professional Development
–Enroll in IAC Professional Development to hone your creation apologetics skills for the classroom and beyond; access over $40,000 worth of fossils and artifacts for your classroom! Check out the our collection, here.

2. Professional Networking
–Meet like-minded Christian faculty and staff through IAC University System.

3. Research Assistance
–Work alongside leading Christian PhDs and more, plus find mentors for your students.

4. Mobile Fossil & Artifact Library
–Get fossils and artifacts mailed directly to your classroom for up to a two week period.

1. Creation Education Scholarships
–Scholarships made available to eligibile students  to help them grow in their learning and leadership in creation apologetics.

2. Internship & Job Placement Opportunities
–Join a growing movement of young people who work in the creation science community

Free Benefits

Free benefits are available to University System Members and Friends of The International Association for Creation.


1. Student Discount Program
–Receive discounts on learning location admission, in-store purchases, tour reservations, and events through IAC.


1. Creation Education Tours
–Easily book creation tours at top national parks and public institutions with trusted Christian guides from IAC.

2. Faculty Discount Program
–Receive discounts on learning location admission, in-store purchases, tour reservations, and events through IAC.

3. Expert Creation Speakers Available
–Access top PhD scientists and creaiton apologists at IAC for in-person and streaming speaking events.

Join the IAC University System

We look forward to working with educational institutions and students by helping bring a greater depth of resources to campuses, provide better access to high quality lectures and symposiums, research from our laboratories and field research stations, and give more students the ability to use their gifts and talents to serve the Lord at museums and zoos across our network. In total, the IAC University System serves over 224,706 students as of 2015.

To join the IAC University System, please register today!

About the IAC University System

Your team can be part of a group of Christian bible institutes, colleges, seminaries, universities, and students that hold to the biblical worldview, starting with the very first words in Genesis.

As of 2015, more than 59,725 students attend IAC University System-recognized institutions.

Each university is independent and has its own president, faculty, and board of regents. At the same time, the over twenty schools that affiliate interact with one another and share certain resources and services. Check out the services offered by the IAC University System below:​

Participating Institutions

University System Members
The following institutions are members or affiliates of The International Association for Creation which work directly with the Association to provide students and faculty with quality, on-going biblical worldview resources::
Appalachian Bible College – Mt. Hope, WV
Arrowhead Bible College – ​Fishtail, MT
Christ For the Nations Institute – Dallas, TX
Faith Theological Seminary – Baltimore, MD
Frontier School of the Bible – La Grange, WY
South Florida Bible College – Hollywood, FL

University System Friends
The following institutions are friends of The International Association for Creation by way of working with faculty and staff at each institution to better serve students on and off campus through quality, on-going biblical worldview resources:
Barclay College – Haviland, KS
Brookes Bible College – St. Ann, MO
Calvary University – Kansas City, MO
Cedarville University- Cedarville, OH
Central Christian College – McPherson, KS
Ethnos360 Bible Institute – Waukesha, WI
Ethnos360 Bible Institute – ​Jackson, MI
Jackson Hole Bible College – Wilson, WY
Liberty University- Lynchburg, VA
The Master’s University – Santa Clarita, CA
Millar College of the Bible – Pambrun, Sask.
​Millar College of the Bible – Sunnybrae, BC
Montana Wilderness Bible – Augusta, MT
Truett McConnell University – Cleveland, GA
San Diego Christian College – Santee, CA
Shasta Bible College – ​Redding, CA
Union University – Jackson, TN

Campus Outreach

As friends of Christian Collegiate Network and other campus ministry groups, we help provide biblical worldview resources and training to Christian students at secular colleges and universities across the United States. If you would like to start a campus fellowship in your community, please contact us. As of 2015, more than 164,981 students are impacted by IAC University System Campus Fellowships. We are glad to partner with Creation Summit to extend our outreach on public universities across the United States.

Northern Kentucky University

Central Lakes College
St. Cloud State University
University of Northwestern, St. Paul

North Carolina
Wayne Community College

University of Cincinnati

Montgomery County Comm. College
University of Pittsburgh
Slippery Rock University

University of Texas, San Antonio

Tidewater Community College