Our Work

What We Do

‚ÄčThe International Association for Creation (IAC) was founded in 2016 to bring independent, local creation science museums and ministries together to form a global grassroots network of like-minded Christian professionals. Nearly a decade later, the support of our growing international alliance continues to give IAC members the ability to reach more people across many nations, while at the same time, allowing them to develop engaging local outreach– community leaders who can help children and families access quality, on-going biblical worldview education.

‚ÄčIf you are a museum or ministry leader, we are your partner.

Why We Do It

Equipping hearts.

Every dollar spent at independent, community-oriented museums and ministries returns three times more to your local economy than one spent at a national ministry or museum. That’s money well-spent, which in return provides quality, on-going biblical education resources that equip hearts to serve the Lord.

Nurturing minds.

Independent, community-oriented museums and ministries typically consume less administrative overhead, have local experts readily available, are more conveniently located, and can best serve the needs of your local community by providing interactive adventures and events that nurture minds to dwell on God’s Word.

Transforming lives.

Independent, community-oriented museums and ministries give back twice as much per sales dollar to the local community compared to large organizations. That means you automatically double your local community impact, you can transform lives just by visiting IAC museums and ministries.

Where We Serve

At IAC, we understand the importance of being connected through commerce, education, and faith. That’s why we have invested in ensuring our grassroots support network and cooperative programs help you connect with local experts you know and trust. It’s about ensuring that you, your family, your friends, and your neighbors can experience God’s creation first-hand.

Stories of Eternal Impact