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We are better together!

Why IAC?

How do you as an independent museum or ministry overcome the obstacles you face in today’s rapidly changing marketplace?
The International Association for Creation is here to help!

From proven best practices and helpful insight to leadership and research in the field, you will have access to a dedicated team that will help keep you informed and give you the innovative tools, resources, and partnerships you need to perform better than you could on your own.

Be part of a cooperative that leverages unity and scale to:
-Provide awareness at the national and international level for local museums and ministries
-Increase visitor attendance across our footprint
​-Establish deeper trust with the communities we serve
-Give a visual symbol of the unity we have in Christ
-Showcase our bond that transcends national borders
-Improve image by being united in purpose and mission
-Decrease the cost of outreach by combining resources

Together, we are within the top four creation apologetic ministries in the world, calculated by visitor traffic across our member locations. When comparing our geographic footprint, we come in at the top, reaching more communities for Christ together than anyone could ever do individually.

What We Believe


​Faith-based community outreach is an important part of strong Christian communities.


We are a family of people from across the world, working together to glorify Christ.


​What makes you different is what makes you a leader on an adventure with eternal impact.

Where biblical worldview training, creation science research, faith-affirming community outreach, and hands-on learning come together.

​From the crystal clear waters of South Florida to the snow-capped peaks of the Pacific Northwest, from the rolling green hills of Ireland to the vast outback of Australia, each IAC member is unique, serving various communities across many nations, reaching many tribes, impacting many people, and sharing Christ in many languages. Biblical worldview training, creation science research, faith-affirming community outreach, and hands-on learning are flourishing at IAC with some of the world’s best-in-class examples of creation science ministry from professionals like you.​


From training for you and your team to proven best practices from members in your field, you can easily replicate success while taking advantage of connections with other IAC members and partners as you grow together in your calling– you now have access to some of the world’s best-in-class examples of creation science ministry from outdoor adventures to museums and zoos.

Exclusive Brand

In a time where brand awareness is growing exponentially, you can provide your community with a world-recognized, exclusive brand line of unique events, partnerships, products, and services that are available only to those within the IAC cooperative.


Connect with guests and drive traffic to your location with IAC marketing programs, while building trust with the community, including IAC’s national cooperative program, social media management, seasonal advertising content, exclusive national events, retail solutions, and more.

Member Care

Leverage the importance of IAC’s caring team to add value to your ministry while protecting the resources God has entrusted to you. Choose the right people for your team and get the benefits you deserve to help make your ministry more meaningful.

Want to learn more about IAC programs and resources that meet your needs?

​Partnerships that Work

​You have the support of IAC Retail, a unique partnership that includes leading wholesalers and vendors known as Retail Allies. You will also have access to premiere national brands and service providers through IAC Retail.

​IAC welcomes applications from individuals and organizations who provide services and products that support the work of organizations within the creation science community. The application for those wishing to join IAC Retail requires that applicants read and understand the IAC Statement of Faith along with the Code of Professional Ethics and will do nothing to undermine them. IAC Retail applicants need only submit three references or be pre-qualified. Learn more about IAC Retail benefits and join today!

Don’t Do It Alone

With thousands of professionals working together for the glory of Christ and a growing network of trusted Christian partners ready to help you do all things with excellence as unto the Lord, you now have even greater opportunity ahead. Make sure you are in a position to meet the needs of your community by joining the IAC Family. Select the button below and apply for membership today.

IAC’s Tiered Membership

-Tier I is available to all individuals and ministries approved for membership.
-Tier II is accessible to IAC Members (see Tier I) who desire to grow professionally as Biblical Creation Ministry Professionals (BCMP’s).

-Tier III provides BCMPs (see Tier II) with an extensive portfolio of top-tier benefits to help enhance your professional life as an AIM Guide.

Find Your IAC Membership Tier Today!

Enjoy Classic Memhership for FREE as an IAC Member!

Obtain recognition as a Biblical Creation Ministry Professional through IAC Professional Development.

Be inducted into The Alliance of Independent Museum Guides.

Frequently Asked Questions

​One reason to join any group or association is to enhance your own organization. Being able to network and interact with other professionals in the community who share the same concerns and interests will help to contribute to the growth of your organization, as you learn from one another and share experiences. Additionally, familiarity can give way to friendship, and many of us would say that we are most likely to turn to our friends in times of need and support.

The Association’s mission is to promote quality, on-going biblical worldview education through networking creation science professionals, providing a unified voice, and seeking to use our strength in numbers to ensure that the interests of our community are upheld. We invite you to join us as we work to equip hearts, engage minds, and transform lives through the Word of God.

The International Association for Creation represents thousands of creation science professionals, museums, ministries, and missionaries. You are working hard to provide benefits and services that will help all the employees and volunteers of your organization, we are here to help your team equip hearts, engage minds, and transform lives through the Word of God.

You can participate in the many professional development opportunities available. You will receive our monthly Association Newsletter, and have access to the Association Directory as well as various Association Guides which keep you up-to-date on developments and events within the community.

The International Association for Creation invites you to join our family. IAC Membership (Tier I) is available to all organizations and individuals who promote creation science from the United States and internationally. To apply, you must submit their Association Member application. This application gives you and your team the ability to subscribe to the IAC’s Statement of Faith and Code of Professional Ethics as well as choose which programs and services you would like to participate in. Many benefits are available to you at little to no cost!

In order to qualify as a Professional Fellow (Tier II) or Ministry Partner (Tier  III), you must have been approved for IAC Membership (as defined above). Professional Fellows and Ministry Partners gain access to exclusive benefits. Enjoy the benefits you deserve while taking advantage of the programs and services you need.