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Solutions for Local Churches

There are many great resources available for you and your team, get decades of combined experience that our staff want to share with you. You can begin a local Creation Fellowship and point people to Jesus!

You can access the information and resources you need to start your own local Creation Fellowship and have a Biblical Creation Ministry Professional at your location, all the while being connected to a global platform to help you advance the biblical worldview in your local community. It is vitally important that we start from the beginning, in Genesis, as we seek to know the Author and Perfecter of our faith: Jesus. Our team can help you connect with everything you need to start a Creation Fellowship.

Already have a Creation Fellowship? Get the help you need to continue successfully impacting your community for Christ! There are many great resources you can take advantage of- get connected by contacting us today! Just choose “Creation Fellowship” on your registration form.

There are many unique opportunities to explore God’s creation and learn more about who we were created to be, including:
A growing library of interactive Bible studies, discussion guides, and immersive videos
Great discounts on museum, zoo, and theme park admission; in-store purchases; tour reservations; and events through IAC.
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​-Memorable opportunities to explore God’s creation with our team of experts

How to Become a Creation Fellowship

Requirement #1 (Screening): Churches which have had speakers (within the previous five years, under the same lead pastor/elder) from our exemption list or have hosted any of our Biblical Creation Ministry Professionals have been considered by our committees to have satisfied this first requirement.

Requirement #2 (Agreement): Leadership must agree to and sign our IAC Statement of Faith along with our Code of Professional Ethics..

Requirement #3 (Involvement): At least one senior pastor or 25% of a church’s senior pastoral staff [whichever is greater] must carry Biblical Creation Ministry Professional status through IAC Professional Development. Registration in our Creation Fellowship Program is required.

Requirement #4 (Re-Evaluation): New pastors must meet re-evaluation standards by having a speaker (who meets Requirement #1 above) to their church for a presentation and becoming enrolled in the IAC Professional Development Program within six months of their pastorship beginning at the new church.

Why is teaching creation science at my church important?

Hear from our friends,  Del Tackett and Thomas Purifoy from Is Genesis History?