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IAC Professional Development

You can take advantage of this exclusive service provided to IAC members, supported by nationally-recognized trainers, you can be part of the leading on-going educational experience for creation science professionals. From online assessments and webinars to on-site bench-marking and in-person training, you have what is needed every step of the way to make it easier to use the professional services available to you and your team.

Build Trust. Gain Access. Share Christ!

Your Pathway to Professional Success

STEP I: The Assessment Series
(for first-time enrollment)

Exemplify your gravitas in the fields of Christian doctrine and creation science!

-65-item Biblical Creation Test
-33-item Biblical Doctrine Test
-Study Guide Included!
-Easy, Convenient Online Testing
-$30 One-Time Enrollment Fee

STEP II: Additional Requirements
(for first-time enrollment)

To ensure you are among the most qualified professionals, you need:

Education Three Tracks To Choose From: Traditional, Unit, and Vocational
Experience In Professional Speaking
-References For Knowledge, Experience, & Character

STEP III: Annual Renewal Requirements
(for those currently enrolled)

To ensure the highest-quality professionals, continuing education and annual reviews are made available to those enrolled:

-Annual Professional Audit
​-References Review
-Continuing Education Credits

Assessment Series Overview

Biblical Creation Test Topics

  • Animal Biology, Created Kinds, Adaptation, Dinosaurs
  • The Genesis Flood (Chpts 6-9)
  • The Gospel & Genesis
  • Basic Evolutionary Theory & Dating
  • Genesis 1-5, 10-11 (Genesis 1-11, minus the Flood)
  • Compromised Genesis Positions
  • Origin of Man & Race Groups
  • Scientific Method: Observation vs. Historical Presuppositions
  • Astronomy/Big Bang/Starlight
  • Primary Evidence for a Young Earth

Biblical Doctrine Test Topics

  • The doctrine of Salvation
  • The doctrine of the Bible
  • Basics about the Bible
  • The doctrine of the Trinity
  • The physical resurrection of Jesus
  • The miracles of Jesus
  • The doctrine of the Holy Spirit
  • The doctrine of God’s attributes
  • The doctrine of Evangelism
  • Biblical Creation Apologetics
  • The doctrine of Sin: Reality & Consequence
  • The doctrine of Sin, Depravity, and Evil


Education & Knowledge

The education and knowledge portion of the qualification process can be met one of three ways:

1. Traditional: College/University Bachelor’s Degree.
2. Unit: Communication & Science College-Level Course Units Completed (6 Units Each).
3. Vocational: College-level training or equivalent experience in communication and science.

Experience & References

​Speaking experience to include at least ten presentations and one recorded presentation for review by our committee.

References should take into consideration the candidate’s knowledge of Biblical Creation, professional speaking experience, and Christian character.

Three letters of reference from senior church staff are required to satisfy this requirement. Additional letters may be required.


Adjunct/employed speakers with the following ministries are considered to have met the above qualification requirements
and may have access to the benefits of IAC Professional Development without enrolling or paying annual dues:
Answers in Genesis
​Creation Biology Society
​Creation Geology Society
Creation Ministries International
Creation Research/John Mackay
Creation Research Society
Creation Today
​Creation Training Initiative
Institute for Creation Research
Logos Research Associates

Program Benefits

Included with IAC Plus Membership

​-Comprehensive Professional Testing
-Professional Reference Review
​-Educational Assessment Bench-marking

-Build trust with the public​ through status as a Biblical Creation Ministry Professional
-Annual professional audit from industry leaders
-FREE subscription to IAC Pro Share
—Includes over 1,000 PowerPoint slides, and videos
—Articles, Lesson Plans, and High-Res Graphics
—Receive Best Practices, Industry Research & Market Reports
-Access IAC’s Fossil & Artifact Library, $40,000 value
-Recognition as a leader in the field
-Attend your Regional Association Fellowship and receive a registration rebate to apply to your next fellowship meeting
-Speaker/Tour Request Notification Basic (includes requests from individuals and groups, as well as guide requests from our tour operating partners)
-Access professional platforms for public engagement (including access to for FREE!)
-Keep up-to-date with Continuing Education Courses powered by CTI
-Join a growing team of like-minded professionals

-Record-keeping, your records and status can be easily verified by any church or organization  by calling Home Office
-Priority access to IAC Pro Desk, including such features as legal referrals, disaster response, and dedicated member care services
-Enjoy VIP Status (including exclusive registration rebates) at all IAC Conferences & Regional Association Fellowship Meetings

​-Deeply discounted professional digital printing, office supplies, team apparel, and more!
-Complementary Creation Museum admission
-Healthcare Cost Sharing Discounts
-FREE Christian Hospitality Network Membership, includes accommodations and meals around the world
​-Exclusive rates on airfare and travel
-Discounts at nationwide retailers through our National Account Services Discount Program​
–including: AAA, J.C. Penney’s, Office Depot/Office Max, and more!

​-All-Access Pro Pass: get exclusive access to the Expert Mastermind Community and Group Expert Coaching~

​-Speaker/Tour Request Notification Plus (includes priority status on requests from individuals and groups, as well as guide requests from our tour operating partners)
-Loop Tour Database Access: Find local churches and Christian schools along your speaking route to offer your services to~

-FREE, complimentary IAC Library Discount Card for exclusive, discounted access to Unlimited Check-Outs & Branch Research across the IAC Library Alliance, in addition to complimentary access to the IAC Library Alliance Central Circulation Desk

-Discounted Continuing Education Courses powered by CTI now available!
-Speaking Materials & Presentation Review
-Website & Digital Marketing Audit
-Principled Missions Board Covering & Benefits

-Product & Retail Consulting from Master Books
-Transformative 501(c)3 Umbrella Services
​-Exclusive pricing on Personal Speaker Liaison/Virtual Assistant available to help you

-Access top professional committees and the IAC Mentorship Program

Biblical Creation Ministry Professionals

Lester Verigan – Alabama
Craig Morrison – California (Northern)
Dan Zambrano – California (Southern)
Kevin Conover – California (Southern)
Michael Langdon – California (Southern)
Judy Finnessy – Colorado
Eric Hovind – Florida (Panhandle)
Rev. Michael Curtis – Florida (North/Central)
Dr. Gary Parker – ​Florida (Southwest)
Dr. Allen Dunckley – Florida (Southeast)
Mike Riddle – ​Idaho
David Prentice – Louisiana
Derald Scott Causey – Louisiana
Cheri Fields – Michigan
Brian Lauer  Minnesota
Kevin Horton  Montana
Brian Young  – Nebraska
Larry Blythe – North Carolina
Dr. Anthony R. Silvestro – Ohio
Marianne Schecklman – Oregon
Howard Mudder – Oregon
Dr. Ronald Marks – South Carolina
Scott Weckerly – Tennessee
​Debbie Spencer – Tennessee
Dr. Jerry Bergman – Texas (North)
Dennis Petersen – Texas (East)
Scott Lane – Texas (South)
Patrick Nurre – Washington

John Lounsberry – Ottawa/Montreal
Dr. Jean Rousseau – Quebec

… more professionals are coming soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

IAC Professional Development is a program, administered by The International Association for Creation, by which individuals can officially document their level of achievement and status as a Biblical Creation Ministry Professional

IAC Professional Development provides individuals with an official process to document their achievement or status. Whereas, an accreditation program can give you the pathway to being recognized as having been qualified to perform a specific activity or function

IAC Professional Development is managed by The International Association for Creation, with assessments being developed by a peer-reviewed board of creation scientists at Genesis Apologetics, and all professional development programs are administered by committees of active creation science professionals in varied disciplines.

IAC Professional Development provides a professional standards program to measure an individual’s competency level as it regards their knowledge and proficiency of basic Christian doctrine and biblical creation. Continuing Education Benefits are provided to candidates who have exceeded the requirements set out by The International Association for Creation’s professional committees and peer-review groups. While IAC Professional Development does not accredit candidates, this professional development program is a starting point for higher-level continuing education that provides professional accreditation for individuals across multiple disciplines.

When an individual is enrolled in the IAC Professional Development Program, they gain access to thousands of dollars worth of professional development tools and ministry resources, including the IAC Mobile Fossil & Artifact Library as well as discounts on highly professional continuing education courses and programs for accreditation purposes.

Important to note is the following: Being enrolled in IAC Professional Development does not imply nor convey the endorsement of The International Association for Creation. Additionally, The International Association for Creation shall not act as a guarantor of an individual’s ability to educate, lead, speak, teach, give tours, or otherwise provide professional services. This being said, we do work closely with our Biblical Creation Ministry Professionals to ensure they have the ability to carry out such tasks in a professional manner through our partnerships with approved third-party accreditation programs and education centers.

IAC Professional Development exists to provide an official process for professionals to seek trusted, high-quality continuing education based upon their knowledge and proficiency of basic Christian doctrine and biblical creation. Each individual must exceed the requirements set out by The International Association for Creation’s professional committees and peer-review groups to be considered a part of the prestigious group enrolled in the IAC Professional Development Program.

No, the closed-book, closed-note assessments are not timed, you may go at your own pace.

No, the closed-book, closed-note assessments do not expire, you may begin them whenever you feel prepared.