Christian Museum Tours

For years, champions at The International Association for Creation have been making it possible for children in communities across America and around the globe to participate in creation tours at world-class museums because every child deserves access to quality biblical worldview creation education.

With restricted museum access and fewer field trips available, children have even less access to quality education. Now more than ever, these children need to have meaningful learning opportunities. Without our services, children will miss out on being taught about God’s world through the lens of God’s Word at world-class museums.

That’s why we have shifted to provide virtual creation tours. We are remaining flexible to help children discover God’s creation first-hand.

The services provided by The International Association for Creation happen thanks to the generosity of individuals and their involvement. over 75% of our funding comes from donors just like you who give faithfully each month. In this season, you can still be part of the solution by praying for and financially giving to provide a creation tour for a child.

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