Christian Education Assessment

What does the Christian Education Assessment cost?

The Christian Education Assessment costs $15 per assessment (two assessment series).
BUNDLE & SAVE: Purchase both assessments for just $20 (save $10 when ordering both!).
Group rates available as low as $5 per assessment.

How do I purchase my Christian Education Assessment?

To purchase your Christian Education Assessment, you will need to fill out this form:

One of our representatives will follow-up with you via e-mail regarding details for setting up your online assessment.

Use the Christian Education Assessment as a tool to discover your worldview and find ways to deepen your faith.

The Christian Education Assessment helps you discover your strengths, find opportunities for growth, and set out on a path for success in Christian Education.

What is the Christian Education Assessment from International Association for Creation?

International Association for Creation created the Christian Education Assessment by bringing together scholars and experts from across a wide range of faith-based disciplines, including top leaders in the Christian Education field. The Christian Education Assessment is a tool to help every Christian discover strengths, find opportunities, and grow in their understanding of the Christian faith.

The Christian Education Assessment consists of two parts, the Biblical Creation Test and the Basic Christian Doctrine Test. In the Biblical Creation Test, there are sixty-five questions across the ten most important topics in the field of origins. In the Basic Christian Doctrine Test, there are thirty-three items touching on ten topics that are foundational to the Christian faith.

As someone involved in Christian education, whether you are a school teacher or administrator, a parent or grandparent, a pastor or ministry leader, a high school or college student, it is important that you have a clear understanding of your biblical worldview.

Why is it important that I take the Christian Education Assessment?

The Christian Education Assessment helps you understand where you stand in your worldview, what your strengths are, which opportunities you have to grow, and how you can succeed in your calling. The Christian Education Assessment will help you evaluate your own worldview as well as provide you with the following insights:

-Track Progress: The Christian Education Assessment allows you to track the progress of your teachers, your church leadership team, your students, or your teens. Now you can know if what you are teaching is being understood, you can even objectively assess progress of an increasing biblical worldview over time instead of relying on guess work. The Christian Education Assessment will help you to foster unity, grow team engagement, and be a great catalyst of meaningful conversation with those in your community.

-Grow Together: The Christian Education Assessment will help lead your team to greater understanding of foundational doctrinal truths found in Scripture, identify key areas of opportunity for your team or family to grow in their biblical worldview.

-Lead with Confidence: The Christian Education Assessment was developed over a year-long process by top scholars and experts in the Christian community and put through a multi-step validation process to ensure each individual has the best of the best bench-marking available. We continually monitor potential opportunities for growth to help leaders like you have confidence in the results of those who are enrolled.

-100% Digital: The Christian Education Assessment is 100% online and requires approximately 30 to 45 minutes per assessment. Results are delivered digitally, including correct answers and the option to remediate answers which may have been missed while receiving live feedback.

Who can take the Christian Education Assessment?

-School Teachers and Administrators: Local churches and Christian schools use The Christian Education Assessment for staff development and training, to screen potential new hires, and as a way to train incoming volunteers for impactful ministry. Throughout the Christian Education Assessment, individuals will find a common vocabulary that will help bring lasting unity to any team.

-Parents and Grandparents: Parents and grandparents can use the Christian Education Assessment individually for their own in-home use or they may find themselves with the privilege to use the Christian Education Assessment in a parenting class, family seminar, or conference for grandparents.

-Pastors and Ministry Leaders: Pastors and ministry leaders use the Christian Education Assessment as a valuable tool to help them continue growing in their faith and increasing their understanding of important biblical worldview concepts.

-Highschool and College Students: Students who take the Christian Education Assessment are recommended to be in the ninth grade or above. The Christian Education Assessment is made for individual in-home student assessment as well as group assessment of a single classroom or entire student populations.

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